SUET Saat- und Erntetechnik GmbH in Eschwege

The seed value is increased by the high quality processing procedures performed by SUET Saat- und Erntetechnik. Quality is assured by our complete range of services. 

Quality assurance

Comprehensive quality assurance according to the Management Quality System ISO 9001:2015 covers every aspect and each sector in our Enterprise, beginning with the basic materials and ingredients continuing on to all levels of processing and concluding with the dispatched seed processed on customer's order. At each step of operation, regular representative samples of the basic materials and manufactured products are analyzed, meticulously evaluated and documented.

Seed quality is continuously monitored according to current international guidelines, for instance, those recommended by the "International Seed Testing Association" (ISTA). Upon request, boulter tests and X-ray analyses can be performed.

Officially authorized Testing Institutes are commissioned with the certification of seed batches via representative samples taken by external authorized officials. Retained samples are stored.

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