SUET Saat- und Erntetechnik GmbH in Eschwege

Comprehensive quality assurance according to the Management Quality System ISO 9001:2015 covers every aspect and each sector in our Enterprise from material procurement through the whole production to the delivery of the seeds treated in customer order. »more


Depending on seed species and purpose, there are several recipes for pelleting. The pelleting ratio may vary. On customer's request active ingredients are applied to control diseases and pests. »more

Active ingredients analysis

The accuracy of dosage and distribution of the different active ingredients on the seed is controlled precisely by up-to-date scientific methods of analysis. »more

Sowability test

The seed flow properties of the manufactured seeds are systematically tested for their "drillability" using several test benches and commercially available seed drills. »more


The logistics around the seed forms is often transferred to our experienced specialists. »more

Research & Development

We carry out intensive research and development. Seed-processing technology is continuously being improved by laboratory, greenhouse and field tests. »more


Process technology for the various seed types we have developed. »more

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