SUET Saat- und Erntetechnik GmbH in Eschwege

FilmCoating of Seeds Perfectionized

Innovative Seed Treatments by film-coating are of growing importance, because they provide exceptional accuracy, economy and efficacy in the application of Plant Protective Products. 

SUET Saat- und Erntetechnik GmbH - situated in Eschwege, Germany - processes large quantities of customized, film-coated seeds. For this purpose, we specially designed our Rotary Seed Treaters with integrated FluidBed Dryers (RTF). 
The RTF process technology has been patented, and officially tested and approved by the Julius Kühn-Institut (No. G 1512). 
RTF FilmCoating technology will reliably provide continuous perfection:

  • For all seeds, regardless of shape or size
    With the RTF technology, any of your seeds can be film-coated without any problem – from minute to large, from extremely flat to edged, seeds with smooth or coarse surfaces, raw seed or seed pills. Film-coating with RTF will provide you with the highest quality assurance for your seeds: the most gentle care, complete and durable coverage against abrasion.
  • For all active ingredients and loading volumes
    With our RTF process, you can choose suitable film-coatings for your seeds from all certified active ingredients in their most adapted formulation and application volume requirements. Moreover, the active ingredients can be applied either singularly or in combination using multi-layer processing. In any case, film-coating with the RTF provides the most accurate dosing and distribution onto each separate grain of seed.
  • For small and larger seed volumes
    RTF systems are constructed in accordance with your individual seed lot sizes and processing output requirements. Designed on modular principles, the capacity of a RTF system can easily be expanded to meet your needs. RTF film-coating thereby provides exceptionally economical and outstanding seed treatments.

Complete System Solution with Integrated Drying

The RTF System meets all user requirements, thus providing for perfect and economic film-coated seeds:

  • Apportioning seed charges
    Seed charges are accurately weighed and apportioned into the RTF unit. Your seeds are ensured the most homogeneous and gentle mixing, which is provided by the conical rotating bowl mounted below the drying cylinder, and by the non-cleaving, plough-shaped deflectors. All machine parts coming into contact with product are manufactured out of stainless steel.

  • Computer-supported dosing controls 
    The active ingredients and coating components are electronically measured according to specified recipes. Subsequently, they are automatically blended and homogenized dust-free into suspensions by a continuous mixer. 
    Electronically controlled portions of the suspensions are suctioned by a peristaltic pump from storage tanks and conveyed through a system of pipes and valves, to a high-speed spinning disk for atomizing. This process distributes the ingredients with exceptional accuracy onto the revolving seeds. 
    Each charge is documented by detailed measuring data records.

  • Simultaneous spraying and instant redrying
    Temperature-controlled warm air lead into the RTF unit and allowed to flow through the revolving fluidized seeds, effects that suspension ingredients be instantly dried on the seeds surfaces. Thus, multi-layer film-coatings are serially applied without problem. Sensors monitor the process, thereby ensuring the excellent quality of treatments and of seeds. 
    During the entire treatment, both the process temperature on the seed surface and the seed humidity are maintained constant, i.e., at their initial, low level prior to treating. Additional drying cycles or separate drying units are no longer necessary.

  • FluidBed cooling
    Directly after discharge, the film-coated seed is cooled down to room temperature, which safely prevents any condensation in containers, big bags or other bins during storage, transport and packaging.

  • Labor safety and environmental protection
    The RTF unit design, the completely encapsulated dosing of active ingredients, the automatic process controls, as well as the stipulated air exhaust and air filtering provide for the highest Safety Standards. Thereby, RTF system users can easily comply with official regulations and guidelines such as: Regulations for Accident Prevention (German UVV), Technical Standards for Handling Dangerous
    Goods (TRGS), Maximum Working Area Concentrations (MAK),
    Technical Guidelines on Pure Air (TA-Luft), etc.

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